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Faculty Research

With more than 160 participating faculty, students have a variety of lab rotation choices in their first year of graduate study. Lab rotations are essential for identifying the appropriate thesis mentor and lab. In addition, lab rotations expose students to a wide variety of research areas and experimental techniques, and enable students to develop a network of research contacts.

Name Program Department Research Research Track Interest Groups
Angus-Hill, Melinda MB Oncological Sciences Metastasis, TCF/LEF, WNT/B-catenin, mouse models Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) and colon cancer Cancer/Cell Biology
Atkins, John MB Human Genetics Reprogrammed Decoding / Ribosome Gene Expression
Ayer, Don MB Oncological Sciences Metabolism Cancer, the myc/max family of regulators Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Babst, Markus MB, BC Biology Protein Trafficking Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology
Baehr, Wolfgang MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Vertebrate Phototransduction Gene Expression, Neurobiology
Balagurunathan, Kuby BC Medicinal Chemistry Glycobiology, Glycomedicine, and Carbohydrate Biosynthesis, Chemical Biology of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Bandarian, Vahe BC Chemistry biosynthesis, enzymes, modified transfer RNA base, queuosine, ubiquitous RNA modification
Barrios, Amy BC Medicinal Chemistry Metals in Medicine, Probes of Tyrosine Phosphorylation, Functional Profiling of the Microbiome Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Barrows, Lou BC Pharmacology and Toxicology Natural products drug discovery, anti-cancer and anti-infective agents Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Bass, Brenda MB, BC Biochemistry Double-Stranded RNA (dsRNA), dsRNA Binding Proteins, RNA Editing, RNA Interference Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Bastiani, Mike MB Biology Neural Development and Regeneration, Growth Cone Development Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Beckerle, Mary MB Oncological Sciences Cell Adhesion, Cytoskeleton, Mouse Models, Knockout mice, pre-clinical mouse models of cancer, Ewing sarcoma Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Bhaskara, Vidya MB Oncological Sciences Histone deacetylase, genome stability, chromatin, replication Cancer/Cell Biology
Bild, Andrea MB Oncological Sciences Translational Cancer Research, Signal transduction pathways Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Blair, David MB, BC Biology Bacterial Motility Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Blumenthal, Don MB, BC Pharmacology and Toxicology Protein Kinases Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology
Bonkowsky, Josh MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Function of human disease genes in CNS development Developmental Biology
Boudina, Sihem MB Biochemistry Obesity, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, autophagy, adipose progenitors Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Developmental Biology
Brown, Jessica MB Pathology Pathogenesis, fungal genetics, host-pathogen interaction
Buck-Koehntop, Bethany BC Chemistry Biomolecular NMR and Epigenetics Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics
Bulaj, Greg BC Medicinal Chemistry Molecular-Behavioral Combination Therapies; Epilepsy; Cancer; Digital Health; Mobile Medical Apps Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Burrows, Cynthia BC Chemistry Nucleic Acid Chemistry Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Cairns, Brad MB, BC Oncological Sciences Chromatin Transcription, Genomics, Gene Expression Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Camp, Nicola MB Human Genetics Statistical Genetics & Genetic Epidemiology Genetics
Cao, Erhu MB, BC Biochemistry Ion channels, receptors, structural biology, and cryo-EM Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Capecchi, Mario MB Human Genetics Mammalian Development, Human Pathology from Cancer to Neuropschiatric Disorders Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
Caron, Sophie MB Biology Drosophila melanogaster, mushroom body, multisensory integration, sensory systems, connectomics, learning and memory Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neurobiology
Cazalla, Demian MB, BC Biochemistry Functions and Mechanisms of Non-Coding RNAs Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Gene Expression
Cheatham, Thomas BC Medicinal Chemistry Biomolecular Simulation, Computational Chemistry Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics
Chen, Mingnan BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Peptides, host immune systems peptide materials Biochemistry
Chou, Danny MB, BC Biochemistry Diabetes, Insulin, Peptide and Protein Therapeutics, Chemical Biology Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology
Chow, Clement MB Human Genetics Genetic variation, ER stress, Disease modifiers Genetics
Christian, Jan MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Bone morphogenetic proteins, Hematopoiesis Signal transduction during embryonic patterning Developmental Biology, Genetics
Clark, Richard MB Biology Genetics and Gene Expression Gene Expression, Genetics
Condic, Maureen MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Developmental Neurobiology, Interactions of sensory neurons with extracellular matrix Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Dale, Colin MB Biology Microbiology and molecular evolution, insects and endosymbionts Gene Expression, Genetics
Davis, Darrell MB, BC Medicinal Chemistry RNA Structure/Function Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Deans, Michael MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Developmental neurobiology, retina, inner ear, planar polarity Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Dearing, Denise MB Biology Molecular ecology, evolution of detoxification, herbivores, plant toxins Gene Expression
Deininger, Michael MB Oncological Sciences Leukemia Biology and Treatment, Leukemia Drug Resistance, Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation Cancer/Cell Biology
Dorsky, Rich MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Developmental Neurobiology Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Douglass, Adam MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Neuronal Function, optical methods Neurobiology
Drews, Gary MB Biology Plant Development Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Drummond, Micah MB Pathology Aging, Muscle, Inflammation, Exercise, Nutrition, Metabolism, Translational Research
Edgar, Bruce MB Oncological Sciences Cell growth and proliferation, Drosophila melanogaster, Stem Cells Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Eilbeck, Karen MB Human Genetics Bioinformatics Research Genetics
Elde, Nels MB Human Genetics Evolutionary Cell Biology Genetics
Engel, Michael MB Oncological Sciences Leukemia, Hematopoiesis, Transcription Cancer/Cell Biology
Evason, Kimberley MB Pathology Liver, Cancer, Zebrafish, WNT/B-catenin
Formosa, Tim MB, BC Biochemistry Chromatin in DNA Replication Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Gene Expression
Franklin, Sarah MB, BC Biochemistry Chromatin, Chromatin Remodeling Epigenetics, Proteomics Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Gene Expression
Franzini, Raphael BC Medicinal Chemistry Drug development, chemical probes, imaging agents Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Gahring, Lorise MB Pathology Neuroimmune Interactions, Neuroimmunology, neuroinflammation and cytokines Neurobiology
Gertz, Jay MB Oncological Sciences Transcription factors, Gene Regulation, Cancer, Genomics, CRISPR Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Ghandehari, Hamid BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Golic, Kent MB Biology Chromosome Structure/Function Genetics
Grainger, David BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biomaterials and Drug Delivery, Materials in Medicine, Nanomaterials toxicity, Diagnostics Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics
Graves, Barbara MB, BC Oncological Sciences Transcriptional Regulation, Transcription Mechanisms, Protein Biochemistry, autoinhibition and specificity of ETS transcription factors Biochemistry Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Gregg, Chris MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Neuroscience, genomics, genetics, autism, addiction, behavior, epigenetics Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neurobiology
Grossman, Doug MB Oncological Sciences Skin Cancer, chemoprevention, Survivin, p16 Cancer/Cell Biology
Grunwald, David MB Human Genetics Developmental Genetics in Zebrafish Developmental Biology, Genetics
Hale, Scott MB Pathology T cell biology, Immunological memory, Anti-viral immunity, Helper T cells, Memory T cells, Epigenetics, DNA methylation Gene Expression
Herron, James BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Structural Immunology, Vaccines, Biosensors Structural Biology/Biophysics
Hill, Chris MB, BC Biochemistry Protein Structure & Function Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Hollien, Julie MB Biology Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Holmen, Sheri MB Oncological Sciences Tumor Initiation and Progression Cancer/Cell Biology
Howard, Mike MB Human Genetics Decoding the Genome Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Gene Expression
Huang, Eric MB Oncological Sciences Genetic Instability, Hypoxia, Tumor Progression Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Hughes, Adam MB, BC Biochemistry Aging, Metabolism and organelle quality control Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology, Genetics
Hughes, Kelly MB Biology Biological Process in Bacteria
Jones, Kevin MB Oncological Sciences Mouse Genetic Model, Sarcoma, Epigenetics, Pediatric Cancer, Soft-tissue Sarcoma, Translocation Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Jorde, Lynn MB Human Genetics Human Population Genetics Genetics
Jorgensen, Erik MB Biology Genetics of Neurotransmission, Synapse formation and modulation Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neurobiology
Kardon, Gabrielle MB Human Genetics Musculoskeletal Development, Regeneration Developmental Biology, Genetics
Kay, Michael MB, BC Biochemistry Protein Design, Viral Entry, and Synthetic Biology Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Keefe, Kristen BC Pharmacology and Toxicology Neuroscience, Neurological and neurophychiatric disorders basal ganglia, Neurobiology Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Kieber-Emmons, Matthew BC Chemistry Metalloprotein Mechanism bioinspired catalysis signaling Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics
Kopecek, Henry BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biorecognition & Drug Delivery Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Kwan, Kristen MB Human Genetics Zebrafish, Eye Development and Morphogenesis Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neurobiology
Lane, Thomas MB Pathology Virus, central nervous system neuroimmunology, stem cells, demyelination Cancer/Cell Biology, Neurobiology
Leibold, Betty MB Oncological Sciences Iron Metabolism, Diabetes, Mitosis Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Letsou, Anthea MB Human Genetics Embryonic Development in Fruitflies Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Leung, Daniel MB Pathology cholera, oral vaccines, diarrheal diseases, MAIT cells, environmental enteropathy, post-infectious IBS
Lim, Carol BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Novel Cancer Therapeutics, Steroid Hormone Receptors Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Looper, Ryan BC Chemistry Small Molecule Interactions in Biological Systems Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Mansour, Suzi MB Human Genetics FGFs and Inner Ear Development Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Maricq, Villu MB Biology Mechanisms and Development of Synaptic Function, Gluamate receptors and neural circuits Developmental Biology, Genetics, Neurobiology
Marth, Gabor MB Human Genetics DNA sequence analysis software Cancer/Cell Biology, Genetics
McMahon, Martin MB, BC Oncological Sciences Translational Cancer Research, Mouse Models, Melanoma, Lung Cancer, Thyroid cancer, RAF Kinase, PI3 Kinase, Experimental Therapeutics Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Mendoza, Michelle MB Oncological Sciences Cell motility, cancer, signaling, MAPK Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Metzstein, Mark MB Human Genetics Drosophila Genetics Developmental Biology, Genetics
Minteer, Shelley BC Chemistry Bioelectrocatalysis, metabolic pathways Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Mulvey, Matthew MB Pathology Bacterial Pathogenesis Cancer/Cell Biology
Murtaugh, Charles MB Human Genetics Pancreas Development, Pancreatic Cancer, Regeneration Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
O'Connell, Ryan MB Pathology Noncoding RNAs, Inflammation, and Cancer Cancer/Cell Biology
Odelberg, Shannon MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Cellular Plasticity and Regeneration Neurobiology
Oliver, Trudy MB Oncological Sciences Lung Cancer, Drug Resistance Mouse Models, Developmental signaling pathways in cancer, Tumor Progression Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
Olivera, Toto MB, BC Biology Conotoxins, Molecular Neuroscience Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Neurobiology
Owen, Shawn BC Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biotherapeutics, Biomaterials for cell-based therapy Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Park, Sungjin MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Cell Signaling, Neuron-Glial Interaction, GPI-anchored Proteins Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Phadnis, Nitin MB Biology Speciation, genetic conflict segregation distortion, chromosome mechanics Developmental Biology, Genetics
Phillips, John MB Pathology Porphyrin Biosynthesis, Heme Biosynthesis Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Gene Expression
Planelles, Vicente MB Pathology Pathogenesis of HIV-1 Cancer/Cell Biology
Potts, Wayne MB Biology Immunogenetics, Host-parasite Coevolution Genetics
Quinlan, Aaron MB Human Genetics Genomics, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Human Genetics, Cancer Genomics, Rare disease genetics, Ovarian Cancer Cancer/Cell Biology, Genetics
Rainier, Jon BC Chemistry Chemical Synthesis
Reilly, Chris BC Pharmacology and Toxicology Pulmonary Toxicology, Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, Drug Discovery Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Rodan, Aylin MB Human Genetics Ion transport, kinase, Drosophila, kidney, osmoregulation, blood pressure, stroke, circadian rhythm, potassium, sodium Genetics
Rog, Ofer MB Biology Chromosome Biology, Meiosis, Synaptonemal complex, C. elegans, Microscopy Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
Rogers, Scott MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Neurobiology Neurobiology
Rose, Gary MB Biology Neural Mechanisms of Behavior Neurobiology
Rosenblatt, Jody MB Oncological Sciences Apoptotic Cell Extrusion, Homeostasis, Epithelial Cells Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Round, June MB Pathology Host-Commensal Bacterial Interactions
Rutter, Jared MB, BC Biochemistry Cancer metabolism, Diabetes & obesity, Metabolic signaling Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics
Saffarian, Saveez BC Biology Enveloped Virus Budding Structural Biology/Biophysics
Saijoh, Yukio MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Left-Right Asymmetry Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Schiffman, Joshua MB Oncological Sciences Copy Number, Genomics, Hereditary Cancer, Comparative Oncology Cancer/Cell Biology
Schlegel, Amnon MB, BC Biochemistry Metabolism, type 2 diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, fat, cholesterol, glucose Biochemistry Developmental Biology, Genetics
Schmidt, Eric MB, BC Medicinal Chemistry Natural Products Chemistry, Biology, Biosynthesis Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Shapiro, Mike MB Biology Evolutionary Developmental Genetics Developmental Biology, Genetics
Shaw, Janet MB, BC Biochemistry Mitochondrial Dynamics and Disease Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Shcheglovitov, Alex MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Development of human cerebral cortex, synapses, and neuronal networks in health and disease Developmental Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics, Neurobiology
Shepherd, Jason MB, BC Neurobiology and Anatomy Synaptic plasticity, memory and neurological disorders, Memory Formation Biochemistry Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Sieburth, Leslie MB Biology Plant Developmental Genetics Developmental Biology, Genetics
Sigala, Paul MB, BC Biochemistry malaria biochemistry and cell biology, heme metabolism, organelle function and adaptation Biochemistry, Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Snyder, Eric MB Pathology Lung cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Transcription factors, Epigenetics Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Spike, Ben MB Oncological Sciences Stem Cells, Tissue Development, Cellular Plasticity, Cellular Heterogeneity, Transcriptomics Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Stanfield, Gillian MB Human Genetics Cell Signaling and Motility, Cell Competition Developmental Biology, Genetics
Stewart, Rodney MB Oncological Sciences Zebrafish, Cancer, Metastasis Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
Stillman, David MB Pathology Gene Regulation and Chromatin Structure Developmental Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Summers, Scott MB, BC Biochemistry Diabetes, dyslipidemia, metabolic disease, sphingolipids, ceramide, insulin resistance and beta cell failure Biochemistry Cancer/Cell Biology
Sundquist, Wes MB, BC Biochemistry HIV Assembly, Replication and Restriction; Cell Division Biochemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics Biochemistry/Structural Biology
Swaminathan, Sankar MB Pathology Virology, Immunology, epigenetics Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Gene Expression
Tantin, Dean MB Pathology Gene Regulation in Mammals Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression
Tavtigian, Sean MB Oncological Sciences Genetic Cancer Susceptibility Genetics
Thummel, Carl MB Human Genetics Developmental Gene Regulation Developmental Biology, Genetics
Tian, Ning MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Synaptic development, circuit assembly, synaptic plasticity, molecular control, retina Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Truong, Thanh BC Chemistry Computer Modeling, Enzyme Mechanisms Structural Biology/Biophysics
Ullman, Katie MB Oncological Sciences Cell Division, Nuclear Transport, DNA damage, Protein methylation, Biomarkers Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology
VanBrocklin, Matthew MB Oncological Sciences Melanoma, Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung, Molecular Targets Cancer/Cell Biology
Varley, K-T MB Oncological Sciences Genomics, Breast Cancer, Epigenetics, Gene Regulation, DNA methylation, Biomarkers, CRISPR, Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Immunotherapy, Cancer Immunology Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Vershinin, Michael BC Biology Molecular Motors, Biophysics Structural Biology/Biophysics
Vetter, Monica MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Chromatin modifiers in development, Microglia in retinal development and disease Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Villanueva, Claudio MB, BC Biochemistry Transcriptional Regulation and Energy Metabolism Biochemistry Biochemistry/Structural Biology, Cancer/Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Gene Expression
Ward, Diane MB Pathology Membrane Trafficking and Iron Metabolism Cancer/Cell Biology
Weis, Janis MB Pathology Genetic Regulation of Lyme Disease
Welm, Alana MB Oncological Sciences Metastasis of Breast Cancer Cancer/Cell Biology, Genetics
Welm, Bryan MB, BC Oncological Sciences Breast Cancer/ Stem Cells Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Cancer/Cell Biology
Weyrich, Andy MB Pathology Gene Expression in Vascular Cells Gene Expression
Wilcox, Karen BC Pharmacology and Toxicology Anticonvulsant Drugs, inflammation, epilepsy Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Williams, Matt MB Pathology T cell differentiation and function in response to infections and tumors, Immunologic Memory
Williams, Megan MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Neurobiology, Molecular mechanisms of synapse formation Developmental Biology, Neurobiology
Winter, Jaclyn BC Medicinal Chemistry Natural product biosynthesis, genetic engineering, biocatalysts, combinatorial biosynthesis Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry
Yandell, Mark MB Human Genetics Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics Gene Expression, Genetics
Yang, Jun MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Photoreceptors, hair cells and multi-protein complex, Treatment of Retinal Degeneration Cancer/Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics, Neurobiology
Yost, Joe MB Neurobiology and Anatomy Genes & Developmental Mechanisms Developmental Biology
Zharov, Ilya BC Chemistry Biomimetic Nanopores Drug Delivery, Organic and Biological Materials Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry, Structural Biology/Biophysics
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