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Bioscience PhD Programs 

Come be a part of a great research community and join the laboratory of more than 160 faculty.


The Bioscience PhD Programs are comprised of the Molecular Biology Program and Biological Chemistry Program. Each program is distinct in its core curriculum and requirements and reach across 10 departments at the University of Utah. The programs allow students to obtain a broad scientific education, yet tailor their training to their specific interests. Students carry out cutting-edge research mentored by world-class scientists, in an environment emphasizing the critical thinking and creativity necessary to become a successful scientist.


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News and Events


Second Annual Conference

Frontiers in Precision Medicine II: Cancer, Big Data and the Public

Session topics will include Tackling Cancer with Precision Data; Precision Prevention; the Public and Precision Medicine; Patenting Precision Medicine; and Providers, Payers, and Laboratory Testing

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Christopher P. Austin

Director of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

December 1 and 2, 2016

Please visit the event website to see a full agenda and to RSVP online.

VitaeThursday, December 8, 3:30–5 p.m.
EIHG Auditorium

Vitae annually highlights investigators and their pioneering research programs. The program seeds new collaborations
and development strategies by humanizing research through story.

Vitæ 2016 speakers:

Adam Bress, Danny Chou, Tracy Frech, Michelle Mendoza, Adam Spivak, and K-T Varley, representing the departments of Population Health Sciences, Biochemistry, Internal Medicine, and Oncological Sciences. 


John H. Weis Memorial Graduate Student Award

More information about the Award is available here: John Weis Memorial Graduate Student Award. The winners for 2016 are listed below.

Sara Bridge, M.D. student

Dollie LaJoie, Ph.D. student

Gurkan Mollaoglu, Ph.D. student

Matt Szaniawski, Ph.D. student


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