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Bioscience PhD Programs 

Come be a part of a great research community and join the laboratory of more than 160 faculty


The Bioscience PhD Programs are comprised of the Molecular Biology Program and Biological Chemistry Program. Each program is distinct in its core curriculum and requirements and reach across 10 departments at the University of Utah. The programs allow students to obtain a broad scientific education, yet tailor their training to their specific interests. Students carry out cutting-edge research mentored by world-class scientists, in an environment emphasizing the critical thinking and creativity necessary to become a successful scientist.


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Due December 1, 2017







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Accepting Molecular Biology PHD or Biological Chemistry PHD Applications for Fall 2018!

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Applications Due December 1, 2017

Diversity/Inclusion Front and Center in Cell Metabolism, thanks to Drs. Villanueva and Simcox


 SACNAS members Dr. Claudio Villanueva and Dr. Judith Simcox (Filipina and Crow) are featured in Volume 26, Issue 3 of the scientific journal Cell Metabolism.



Department of Oncological Sciences

Helena Lucente


PhD Dissertation Defense

MTG16 as a determinant of Notch driven leukemic phenotype

Monday November 13, 2017
HCI - George and Delores Dore Eccles 6th Floor Auditorium

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