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Chemical Biology / Medicinal Chemistry Track

We develop and apply chemical tools to understand biological problems and to propose biomedical solution.  Our key research areas include:

  • Chemical biology approaches to cancer and other diseases
  • Total synthesis of biologically relevant target molecules
  • Natural product discovery, biosynthesis and enzymology
  • Structure-based drug design
  • Computational approaches to drug discovery and analysis
  • Formulation and delivery of drugs
  • Nanotechnology as applied to medicine
  • Development of new catalysts for the synthesis of active small molecules
  • Metals in medicine and biology
  • Enzymological synthesis and analysis of peptides and carbohydrates


Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry Research Track Courses

  1. Fundamentals of Drug Discovery & Design
  2. Understanding Therapeutically Relevant Biomolecules

Below is a sample list of past electives taken by BCP first-year students:

CHEM 6740 Bioanalytical Chemistry
PH TX 7500 Macromolecular Therapeutics & Drug Delivery
PATH 6410 Molecular Virology
MBIOL 6480 Cell Biology I
PATH 7310 Host Pathogen Interactions
ONCSC 6500 Clinical & Molecular Cancer Biology

Please note: not all elective courses are taught every year.


Last Updated: 2/15/24