Biochemistry Research Track

Faculty in the Biochemistry Track seek to understand the chemical and mechanistic aspects of important biological processes. Participating laboratories employ diverse experimental approaches to address the following:

  • Enzyme reaction mechanisms
  • Protein folding, biosynthesis and design
  • Protein transport and trafficking
  • Organelle biosynthesis
  • Membrane fission and fusion
  • DNA and RNA enzymology (e.g. DNA repair, RNAi)
  • Proteolysis and quality control pathways
  • Nutrient sensing and metabolic regulation
  • Metabolic disorders


Biochemistry Research Track Courses

  1. Metabolic Regulation
  2. Advanced Biochemistry (Protein folding, Binding, etc)
  3. Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Below is a sample list of past electives taken by BCP first-year students:

CHEM 6740 Bioanalytical Chemistry
PH TX 7500 Macromolecular Therapeutics & Drug Delivery
PATH 6410 Molecular Virology
MBIOL 6480 Cell Biology I
PATH 7310 Host Pathogen Interactions
ONCSC 6500 Clinical & Molecular Cancer Biology


Last Updated: 3/13/19