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Bioscience PhD Programs 

Come be a part of a great research community and join the laboratory of more than 160 faculty


The Bioscience PhD Programs are comprised of the Molecular Biology Program and Biological Chemistry Program. Each program is distinct in its core curriculum and requirements and reach across 10 departments at the University of Utah. The programs allow students to obtain a broad scientific education, yet tailor their training to their specific interests. Students carry out cutting-edge research mentored by world-class scientists, in an environment emphasizing the critical thinking and creativity necessary to become a successful scientist.


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Friday, June 14,  2019

2019 Hematology and Metals in Medicine Symposium

Keynote Speakers:

Emery Bresnick, PhD

Professor, Director UW-Madison Blood Research Program

Ning Zheng, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology University of Washington

For more information please contact Shelly Saxton


The University of Utah Hematological Malignancies Symposium

June 7-8, 2019
Deer Valley Resort  

Session 1 - Malignancy and Treatment - Genomic Approaches

Jeff Tyner, PhD
Oregon Health Sciences Center

Gabor Marth, DSc
Human Genetics, University of Utah

Ilaria Iacobucci, PhD
St Jude's Children's Hospital

Session 2 - Innate Immunity and Mitcohondria Effects on Myeloid Malignancy Mechanisms and Treatments

Dan Starczynowski, PhD 
Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Tom O'Hare, PhD
Hematology, University of Utah

Brian Betts, PhD
Hematology, Oncology & Transplantation, University of Minnesota

Session 3 - Novel Therapies for "-omas"

Loretta Nastoupil, MD
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sabarinath Radhakrishnan, MD
Hematology, University of Utah

Session 4 - Hematopoiesis

Siddharta Jaiswai, MD, PhD
Stanford University

Jan Christian, PhD
Hematology, University of Utah

Josef Prchal, MD
Hematology, University of Utah

Session 5 -  Beyond Genomics: Novel Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Survival and Therapeutics

Hans-Guido Wendel, MD 
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Tracy George, MD
Pathology, University of Utah

MInna Roh-Johnson, PhD
Biochemistry, University of Utah

Please contact Dennis Winge if you are interested in attending and want a room reserved for Friday night June 7.


School Of Biological Sciences

Jacob Cooper

PhD Dissertation Defense 

“The Molecular Basis of Hybrid Incompatibility and Detecting Recurrent Positive Selection in Genomic Data"

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
10:00 AM
James Talmage Building, Room 140

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