Molecular Biology Faculty

A number of University of Utah faculty are affiliated with the Molecular Biology Program and have active research labs but who are not currently taking PhD students. These faculty are included in the Affiliate list below.

Participating faculty who are accepting PhD students can be found in our Faculty Index.




Research Interest

Atkins, John Human Genetics Reprogrammed Decoding/Ribosome
Carroll, Dana Biochemistry Genome editing, CRISPR-Cas, ZFNs, TALENs, DNA repair
Casjens, Sherwood Pathology Bacteriophages, Lyme Disease
Dearing, Denise Biology Molecular ecology, evolution of detoxification, herbivores, plant toxins
Fujinami, Robert Pathology Viral Pathogenesis / Autoimmunity
Fults, Daniel Oncological Sciences Brain Tumor Biology
Gard, David Biology Cytoskeletal Function & Development
Goldenberg, David Biology Protein Biophysics
Horvath, Martin Biology Structural Biology; X-Ray Crystallography
Jensen, Peter Pathology Antigen Presentation
Lindsley, Janet Biochemistry Teaching Metabolism and Nutrition
Prestwich, Glenn Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Therapeutic Biomaterials
Weiss, Robert Human Genetics DNA Hybridization; DNA Sequencing
Winge, Dennis Biochemistry

Mitochondria, OXPHOS Respiration, Assembly of Respiratory Complexes


Last Updated: 8/9/17