Biological Chemistry Faculty

Please visit our Faculty Index for participating faculty accepting PhD students from the Biological Chemistry Program!

Faculty from the Departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Oncological Sciences, Pharmaceutics / Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmacology and Toxicology are availble for rotations and thesis research. BCP students have a variety of choices to carry out cutting-edge research mentored by world-class scientists.


Biological Chemistry Affiliate Faculty

A number of University of Utah faculty are affiliated with the Biological Chemistry Program and have active research labs but who are not currently taking PhD students. These faculty are included in the Affiliate list below.



Research Interest

Blumenthal, Don Pharmacology and Toxicology Protein Kinases
Bock, Susan Bioengineering Protein Conformational Change & Targeting
Flynn, Peter Chemistry Biological NMR and Biophysics
Gard, David School of Biological Sciences Cytoskeletal Function & Development
Goldenberg, David School of Biological Sciences Protein Biophysics
Ireland, Chris Medicinal Chemistry Marine Natural Products
Lindsley, Janet Biochemistry Teaching Metabolism and Nutrition
Poulter, Dale Chemistry Biosynthesis; Structure Function, Mechanistic Enzymology
Prestwich, Glenn Medicinal Chemistry  Therapeutic Biomaterials
Winge, Dennis Biochemistry Mitochondria, OXPHOS Respiration, Assembly of Respiratory Complexes
Last Updated: 1/22/19