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Ilya Zharov

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ila Zharov

B.Sc. Chelyabinsk State University, Russia

Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder



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Biological Chemistry Program

Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery, Organic and Biological Materials


Our  work related to biological chemistry focuses on the preparation of internally functionalized biodegradable silica nanoparticles with applications in drug delivery, cancer treatment and MRI imaging. Silica nanoparticles (SNPs) are attractive for applications in delivery of drugs and imaging agents due to their ease of synthesis and scale up, robust structure, and controllable size and composition. Degradability is one important factor that limits biomedical applications of SNPs. Our interest in this area stems from the desire to develop novel theranostic materials and our approach to this problem is based on our ability to alter the internal composition of silica nanoparticle with various functional groups


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