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Jon D. Rainier

Professor of Chemistry

Jon Rainier

B.S. University of California, Irvine

Ph.D. University of California, Riverside



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Biological Chemistry Program

Chemical Synthesis


Our primary interests lie in the field of chemical synthesis. Within this discipline, we are particularly fascinated by the interplay between structure (biological activity), total synthesis, and the development of new chemical reactions.

Total Synthesis and Structure

Biologically active targets that are currently receiving attention in our laboratory include: (a) fused polycyclic ether natural products (e.g. the neurotoxic marine natural product gambierol and the potent anticancer agent halichondrin B); (b) indoline and oxindole natural products (e.g. ditryptophenaline, cytochalasin); (c) oxygenated cembranoids (e.g. the anticancer agent eleutherobin); (d) Diazofluorenone containing natural products (e.g. the anticancer agent lomaiviticin).

Reaction Development

We are also involved in the development of new reactions with a particular emphasis on the use of new and/or improved methods to the synthesis of the targets mentioned above. Among the reactions currently being examined in our laboratory are: (a) new methods to synthesize carbon-glycosides; (b) ring-closing and ring opening metathesis reactions; (c) the use of rhodium carbenoids to generate highly substituted indolines; (d) ring expansion reactions of bicyclic ring systems; (e) metal induced [2+2+1] cycloaddition reactions.


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