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Grzegorz (Greg) Bulaj

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and
Research Associate Professor of Biology and
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Greg Bulaj

M.Sc. University of Wroclaw, Poland

Ph.D. University of Wroclaw, Poland



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Biological Chemistry Program

Molecular-Behavioral Combination Therapies; Epilepsy; Cancer; Depression; Digital Health; Mobile Medical Apps


The long-term goal of our research is to develop a drug-device combination therapy which simultaneously targets a disease at both molecular and behavioral levels. The molecular-behavioral combination therapies consist of pharmaceutical drugs and disease self-management content which is delivered via digital/mobile medical devices. This strategy aims to improve both therapy outcomes and medication adherence for chronically-ill patients. Our current research includes creating clinical and self-care content for medical devices to be combined with cancer chemotherapy, or with antiepileptic drugs. Examples of our collaborative projects include: (1) an exercise-empowerment mobile game therapy for pediatric oncology patients, and (2) mobile software for epilepsy patients.


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