Dennis Winge

Professor of Internal Medicine and
Research Professor of Biochemistry

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B.A. Concordia College

Ph.D. Duke University



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Assembly of mitochondrial respiratory complexes, Mitochondria, OXPHOS Respiration


Research in the Winge laboratory is focused on cellular mitochondria. One major focus is the biogenesis of the mitochondrial electron transfer respiratory complexes II, III and IV within this organelle. Improper assembly of these complexes occurs in disease states of cardiomyopathy, hepatopathy and neurological disorders in patients with mutations in structural subunits or assembly factors. A key step in assembly of these complexes is the formation of their essential flavin, heme, and iron-sulfur centers, which are inserted by the involvement of assembly factor proteins. Current studies are focused on the assembly of iron-sulfur clusters within mitochondria and transfer of preassembled clusters to client proteins within the organelle. Heme is synthesized within mitochondria, but nothing is known of its trafficking to other cell compartments. Studies are ongoing on heme distribution within mitochondria.


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